The mass market will not adopt green technology that forces them to compromise their lifestyle
  • Most homes use electricity from the grid because the only other choice is no electricity at all
  • Solar power is only affordable in regions that offer generous subsidies
  • Many drivers will not buy an EV because they charge too slowly
  • A fixed 15-year solar power contract is not for everyone
  • An EV is expensive if only used as a mode of transportation
  • During a utility grid blackout, the easiest option is to use loud and dirty generators
  • Managing a home’s electricity should not require an engineering degree
  • We shouldn’t have to do the laundry in the middle of the night to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and monthly utility bill

For many of us, the current technology is just not good enough.

A cleaner world has meant that we had to sacrifice freedom and flexibility, make compromises on how and when we use energy, and even reduce our energy consumption.

At dcbel, we believe this century-old compromise needs to end.

We invented dcbel™, a category-defining smart home energy appliance that allows you to use as much energy as you need while reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

dcbel™: A new and better way to power your life

dcbel™: Clean energy is now more flexible and affordable than its dirty counterpart.

dcbel™: Powering your life is much simpler.

dcbel™: EVs are more than just a car.

With dcbel™, you can use as much energy as your family needs without having to make compromises on quality, freedom, or speed.

dcbel™ is the most powerful residential solar inverter in the world with the ability to power your entire home, charge your EVs, and share the extra power with your utility grid.

It is the world’s fastest (and only) home bidirectional supercharger, giving you the charging speed and flexibility to confidently transition from a fossil fuel-powered car to an EV. And guess what? With dcbel™, you can get rid of your gas-powered backup generator and instead use your EV’s massive battery to sail through utility grid outages.

Our real-time, AI-based energy operating system, Orchestrate OS™, uses sophisticated micro-weather data forecasting and smart algorithms that prioritize cost-effective, clean energy consumption, minimizing your carbon footprint without you even noticing.

By developing features that challenge the valid objections from people that would never otherwise have become renewable energy producers & consumers and EV drivers, dcbel™ will help prevent an additional 6 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2025.

And the best part? dcbel™ customers don’t even need to lift a finger.