The Brightest Home on the Block

It’s a renewable energy ecosystem and you’re at the centre. Charge your electric vehicle with solar energy and transform its battery into a cost saving home energy source with dcbel r16.

£5,995 including VAT

Plug into the Sun

Save money, lower your emissions and take control of
your energy supply. dcbel makes it easy to unlock the full potential of solar panels

Charge in minutes, drive for hours

dcbel’s electric vehicle charger brings Premium DC charging to residential customers. It delivers more energy, a faster full-range charge and extends your vehicle’s battery life while providing optimal charging speeds.

Clean Energy on Autopilot

Whether you want to save money or shrink your carbon footprint, our sophisticated software and simple design make it easy to be smart about energy.

Backup power when you need it most

You won’t even notice when the power goes out. dcbel’s vehicle-to-home charging uses your electric car battery to keep the lights on for days.

Ease of use

Technology has advanced to a point where you can get more value for less.

EV Charging Speed

Dual EV Charger

Battery Degradation Protection

Backup Power Reserve (hrs)

Producing solar power in a blackout

Use Case

r16 Alternative
$4,999 $12,200
Included $6,000
$11,300 $11,700
$16,299 $29,900
($10,650) ($14,200)
$5,649 $15,700
$50 $131
3.5 9
$150 $150
> 150,000 lbs



Fill out the without commitment
reservation form.


A dcbel representative will contact you to follow up.


A Smart Home Integration Partner (SHIP) will schedule a home visit & submit your customised proposal.


The installation will be completed & you will have net zero energy for decades.

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