The Next Generation of Power Conversion

Connecting your home, solar panels, EV charger and the grid requires powerful new technology.

dcbel is redefining AC <> DC power conversion
for residential customers with a breakthrough technology
called PUC5 (Packed U-Cell 5 Level Inverter).
PUC5 takes a software-first approach to power conversion.
It can handle more power and convert it with higher efficiency.
This saves you time, reduces range anxiety
and improves battery life.

Our PUC5 technology uses software to convert power at a higher efficiency relative to the conventional hardware-only approach used by our competitors.

  • Less than 3% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)
  • 99% Power Factor
  • Just 1/10th of the heat production compared to industry standards of DC to AC conversion
  • 98.4% continuous efficiency at more than 7 kW on one PUC5
  • DC Output Nominal Power @400V 15.2 kW
  • Nominal Voltage 400V
  • Voltage Range 150-500V
  • Nominal Current 38A
  • Max Efficiency 96.3%
  • Voltage Ripple < 2.5%
  • EV Inverter (V2G & V2H) AC Outputs — Power factor > 99%
  • Solar Inverter AC Outputs — Power factor > 99%
  • EV Inverter (V2G & V2H) AC Outputs — THD < 3%
  • Solar Inverter AC Outputs — THD < 3%
  • UL 9741, 2594, 2231-1, 2231-2, 1741
  • UL 1741 SA
  • IEEE 1547
  • FCC Part 15 (pending)

Lag between voltage and current creates waste.

at > 99% PF

Wasteful lag reduced to the minimum physically feasible.

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Waste
The power of dcbel lies in its patented technology to power your home
with your car, convert solar energy at optimal rates, charge your car
in minutes, and manage your energy usage with
a software-first approach.

We use machine learning to automatically forecast energy requirements, lower energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and detect equipment issues. Microweather data and utility rates are used to schedule backup power and electric vehicle charging.

Charge at a rate of 1 mile/minute and extend the life of your battery. Comparatively, a Level 1 charger provides a 1/4 mile a minute charging speed and a standard Level 2 charger provides 1/2 a mile a minute. The software layer provides energy management to prolong the life of your stationary or vehicle battery.

A single PUC5 unit (7.6kW) can support a 10kW photovoltaic system, ensuring one of the best array-to-output ratios in the industry.
It operates efficiently across a range of voltage levels, capturing more energy from the sun at different times of the day.

PUC5 technology has undergone extensive thermal tests by third party CFD experts and engineers at the electricity and EV labs at ETS (École de technologie supérieure) and is CC Certified (TPM 2.0 at EAL4+) & FIPS 140-2 Level 1 & 2.

IEEE Research Paper

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