Power Your Life
on Your Terms

The future of energy is here.

We’ve built an AI-driven sustainable energy technology that enables you to leverage solar energy to power your car, your home, and your lifestyle.

Meet dcbel r16: Your new smart home energy appliance.

dcbel r16 is fast, safe, and smart. It’s a home EV supercharger that can use your EV’s battery to sail through days of utility grid outages and leverage the unlimited power of the sun.

Designed for all climates.

And that’s just the beginning.

house powerd by dcbel solar energy

About dcbel

Our mission is to deliver energy that lets you live a life without compromise.

dcbel sits at the nexus of residential solar power, electric vehicle charging, the smart home and customer-centric utilities. Our team has a proven history of rethinking energy distribution for everything from large utility customers to distributed energy resource providers.

We have numerous worldwide patents in power electronics and power conversion and are backed by a number of globally respected investors.

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