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You want a solar-powered soak in the hot tub.

Your neighbor prefers to splurge on Buffalo wings with the money he saved from peak shaving.

And Karen is trying to mine bitcoin using her EV battery … and never misses a chance to tell you about it.

No two people are alike, and no two homes are alike.

Ara is personalized with apps that let you do you.

What's a smart home

without smart energy?

Energy Management

Buying a new EV? Adding a home battery? Easily connect all your energy devices - just search for the app.

Energy Programs

There are billions of dollars in incentives up for grabs across the country right now. Earn your fair share without lifting a finger.


With more ways to track every watt and every dollar, your home’s performance - and the path forward - are clear as day.

1st residential energy marketplace

Connecting partners, aggregators and prosumers directly

Military-grade security

Keep bad actors at bay through impenetrable software and hardware

Guaranteed privacy

Apps are prevented from accessing data from other apps without your permission

100% encryption

All data passes through the Chorus encrypted gateway

Screened by dcbel

Only high-quality apps from trusted sources make it to the App Hub

Built to evolve

Seamless over-the-air updates keep your system and all your apps current

Featured app


Fine-tunes your home’s power plan every five minutes

Makes over 250,000 decisions per day

Analyzes hundreds of variables to cut everyday costs by up to 40%

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