Charge in minutes.

Charge with confidence.

dcbel’s electric vehicle charger brings premium
DC charging to residential customers. This charger
delivers more energy, a faster full-range charge and the ability to power your car with solar panels. It extends your vehicle’s battery life while providing optimal charging speeds.

Imagine never having to worry about the power going out.
dcbel can charge your electric vehicle with solar energy and transform its battery into a backup power source.

dcbel r16 converts solar energy to electricity with optimal efficiency. It provides a clean power source for every part of your daily life.


dcbel’s vehicle charger can get you on the road in minutes instead of hours. Its ability to integrate solar energy into your vehicle charger along with an offboard inverter means you can charge your car with the power of the sun. It’s the cleanest, fastest way to charge your electric vehicle.

Level 2 Charging
dcbel Premium DC Charging

dcbel r16 is compatible with the most popular standards for electric vehicle charging (J1772, CHAdeMO and CCS).
No matter which vehicle you choose today or tomorrow, it can be charged by dcbel.


From scheduling your backup battery to charge during off-peak hours to selling your solar energy back to the grid, dcbel’s Orchestrate energy software can optimize your energy use, reduce costs, and lower emissions using machine learning.

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