is Power

Energy running in the cloud makes life better on the ground.

The power to unlock

Others see a car. You may see a battery, a revenue source or even a member of the family.

Others see a car. You may see a battery,
a revenue source or even a member of the family.

Connect all your home’s energy devices to smart grids and energy markets.

The power to protect

Your home, your rules. You decide who comes through the door, and when it’s lights out.

Keep your data secure and have the final say over how your energy is used and which entities have access.

The power to prepare

When you know what’s coming, you’re ready for anything. Beyond ready.

Count on powerful forecasts to make the right call over 250,000 times per day based on the latest weather, utility and consumption intel.

Proactive energy management

Virtuoso analyzes hundreds of predictive energy datapoints from the cloud to decipher the future and fine-tune your home’s power plan every five minutes.

Power. Without compromise.

Manage thousands of datapoints

Real-time and instantaneous decision making

Unlimited simultaneous transactions

Pick the apps you need to turn your smart house into

the brightest home on the block

With the nation’s largest energy app marketplace, bring utilities, EV makers, and the market all under your roof.

Your home’s secure gateway to the world

The door is locked - never worry about your energy, your home or your information being compromised.
dcbel’s cloud platform, Chorus, is CSIP certified and encrypted to the highest standards, paving the way for you to participate safely in the new energy economy.

Energy on autopilot

Orchestrate, dcbel's grid-edge computing platform, makes everyday management of your energy effortless.
Whether you’re a hands-on operator or just enjoying the view, you’ve got the flexibility and freedom to decide what’s best for your home.

Always with you

Smart energy is never far away.

Check in and manage all your energy apps from the dcbel portal, available on your phone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch or even your vehicle’s infotainment screen.

Complete your smart home.

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