Orchestrate OS

Clean Energy on Autopilot

If you want to save money or shrink your carbon footprint,
the Orchestrate operating system makes it easy to be smart about
home energy. It uses machine learning to automatically predict
energy requirements, lower bills, reduce carbon emissions
and detect issues before they happen.

Orchestrate OS is integrated with the hardware layer of dcbel Ara’s EV chargers to give you the fastest residential charging option.

Orchestrate OS works with your choice of charger to extend your vehicle’s battery life while providing optimal charging speeds.

Protect the people you care about: Orchestrate schedules EV and backup battery charging with real-time data informing every decision.

Using real-time data and artificial intelligence, Orchestrate OS analyzes your electricity consumption, the weather, and local grid pricing to save you money and personalize the way your dcbel Ara uses and stores energy.

Orchestrate OS stays informed about the weather so that you don’t have to worry. It automatically coordinates your solar energy storage for clean EV charging and ensures you always have enough energy in case of an outage.

Whether your goal is saving money or the planet, Orchestrate OS can automate the perfect combination of solar power, EV charging, and backup power to help you get clean energy on autopilot.

Orchestrate OS maximizes the efficiency of your solar hardware to ensure your solar energy system pays for itself in the shortest possible time.

Automatic software updates will prepare your home charging station for any future EV purchases.

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