Today we are announcing the launch of our local Smart Home Integration Partner (SHIP)
and the first three SHIPs onboarded to deliver dcbel to the California market.

Smart home energy is personal and local

“dcbel was created on the premise that consumer needs should sit at the center of the modern energy ecosystem and vital to that vision is making sure that homeowners feel comfortable, supported and guided along their smart home with smart energy journey. That is why we decided to hand-pick local experts who have both a deep understanding of the communities they serve and are committed to their long-term success,” says Matthieu Vidricaire, dcbel’s Chief Delivery Officer.

The selected partners are passionate specialists with qualified fulfillment capabilities who can design, integrate, install and support highly capable and innovative solutions that meet their clients’ needs.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Symmetric Energy, emeraldECO and Urban Energy, three experienced residential energy specialists whose expertise and passion for creating a distributed, clean energy future will be the perfect complement to dcbel’s innovative offering,” said Marc-André Forget, dcbel’s CEO.

The right timing for a bidirectional net-zero smart appliance

“As disastrous wildfires rage across California and threaten tens of thousands of homes, our customers are desperate to keep their families safe and their home systems running during utility power shutdowns,” said David Haskell, Managing Partner of Symmetric Energy. “dcbel r16 provides a simple solution that not only gives the homeowner smart control over usage but can also keep the lights on, the refrigerator cold, and the well pump going when the grid is down. Being able to offer homeowners back-up power from the battery in their EV is an absolute game-changer.”

As part of the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requires all new residential constructions to be built to generate more power than they consume by installing distributed energy resources like rooftop solar and stationary battery storage. dcbel is well-positioned to be a groundbreaking solution in the solar + storage market:

“The team at Urban Energy is excited to bring dcbel to energy-savvy homeowners in the Bay Area. With all the advanced features bundled together in one elegant solution, we can reduce complexity, installation time and cost while delivering more functionality for the smart energy home,” said Fergal MacDonnell, owner at Urban Energy Inc.

The prosumer at the core of the energy ecosystem

The mass proliferation of electric vehicles and distributed energy resources, as well as the growing support to fight climate change, has encouraged consumers to better understand where their energy comes from. It is imperative that new residential energy technologies foster that interest by offering thoughtfully designed products that put the customer first.

“We are excited to partner with dcbel, a company that is taking a customer-centric view in building a feature rich product that addresses the needs and concerns of homeowners living through the effects of climate change,” said Diane Sasseville Sweet, Chief Business Officer at emeraldECO.

dcbel has begun delivering dcbel r16 units to industry partners and select locations in the Bay Area starting this fall with plans to expand to several new territories in the new year.

About dcbel

Sitting at the nexus of residential solar power, electric vehicle charging, the smart home and customer-centric utilities, dcbel leverages its breakthroughs in power electronics to develop elegant smart home appliances that let you power your life on your terms.

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