The popularity of residential solar technology and advancements in electric vehicle batteries have created new opportunities for homeowners to produce and store their own energy. But managing this energy mix on your own costs time and money. Your home is only as smart as the energy that supplies it, which is why it’s key to rely on software to automatically make the best decisions for you.

What is an OS?

Operating systems (OS) are key features in every computerized system we deal with. An OS operates in the background — the best ones are completely seamless to users. The OS manages a computer’s memory and processes, automating resource allocation so that many complex programs and calculations can be run at the same time.

Making home energy “smart”

The energy space is ripe for digitization. Can an OS be created to manage a home’s electrical ecosystem properly?

Delivering optimum efficiency and yielding maximum savings can be a complex and daunting task once solar panels, electric vehicles and net metering come into play. There are many conditions to evaluate and micro-decisions to make now that EV energy is bidirectional, solar power can charge your EV and the connected smart grid is becoming a reality. Ensuring that these decisions are backed by data can make a real difference on your utility bill.

Bottom line: if you wouldn’t buy a computer without an OS, why should you settle for less when it comes to your home energy technologies? We built Orchestrate OS to make it easy to get started with smart home energy.

What is Orchestrate OS?

Orchestrate OS is an integral component of the dcbel system architecture. It uses AI-based analytics to learn your energy usage patterns and adapt its decision-making to your specific situation.

Orchestrate provides the framework for a variety of different services and analytics. Many leverage the power of cloud computing, while others keep vital services running even in the event of a telecom outage.

Hundreds of moving parts are managed for you. Orchestrate considers every relevant energy parameter, down to the most minute detail, to ensure the complete and optimal efficiency of your energy ecosystem.

The OS is also designed to connect to the grid, unlocking greater efficiencies and savings for a new generation of smart homes. Utilities can make better decisions on how to manage energy supply and avoid producing or purchasing more energy than needed, meaning that your home can contribute to a more robust grid.

Here are some of the features that give Orchestrate OS the intel it needs to make the best home energy management decisions:

Solar Generation Forecast provides a calculation of the expected generation of your PV system down to the minute. Orchestrate OS maximizes the efficiency of your solar hardware to ensure your solar energy system pays for itself in the shortest possible time. Combined with the platform’s secure and reliable connection to your local utility, Orchestrate offers the smartest way to partake in net metering as well.

Load Forecasting incorporates a rolling calculation of your home’s expected power demand based on your electricity consumption patterns to personalize the way dcbel uses and stores energy. It can lower utility costs or decrease carbon emissions based on your energy goals, all while ensuring that everyday needs are being met.

Battery Degradation Costs calculates the effect of battery degradation as your stationary or EV battery is charged and discharged over time. Optimal management can increase the lifespan of these valuable components.

Clean energy on autopilot

Orchestrate constantly monitors all your energy sources in real-time, but how does it handle dispatch? In short, dcbel will prioritize the least expensive ways to charge and power your home. Even those with two EVs and several stationary batteries in the mix can rely on Orchestrate to coordinate power generation and usage.

Orchestrate takes several factors into account to accomplish this. It leverages micro weather forecasts to prepare for potential outages caused by storms and stores energy accordingly, so you won’t be left in the dark. When the grid goes down, the optimizer will ensure that any surplus solar energy is used to charge the battery. It also analyzes utility rates to save you money if prices shift throughout the day.

dcbel’s prowess in EV charging is also due to Orchestrate. The OS works with the hardware layer of dcbel r16’s EV chargers to give you the fastest charge available at home. It uses a charging schedule that fuels your car based on best practices for your specific make and model. Plus, automatic software updates will prepare your home charging station for any future EV purchases.

Coming soon: apps to power your world

The dcbel App Store is a digital distribution platform, developed and maintained by dcbel, for approved external apps that will expand the functionality of your home energy station while integrating directly with Orchestrate OS. Stay tuned for updates!