MONTREAL, Oct. 27, 2022 – Smart home energy company dcbel has partnered with LG Energy Solution, a leading global manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries, to co-market an integrated solution for the residential energy needs of the future. The collaboration brings together experts in distributed energy resources to illustrate the value of introducing a stationary battery into an ecosystem that includes solar power, bidirectional electric vehicle (EV) charging and AI-assisted energy management.

Homeowners in the US are searching for a safe and reliable backup power option that can minimize disruptions caused by blackouts, which are on the rise. Some interruptions, like public safety power shutoff (PSPS) events in California, are planned, while others are caused by natural disasters. Devastating hurricanes and severe storms can leave some residents without power for days.

Meanwhile, utilities are increasingly reliant on complex time-of-use (TOU) electricity rates, which see prices swell during peak hours to encourage customers to reduce their energy consumption.

LG Energy Solution offers a solution to these concerns. The company’s cutting-edge home energy storage systems reserve power that can be used during planned outages, emergencies and periods when utility rates are at their highest. Unlike gas-powered generators, stationary batteries are silent and emissions-free.

LG Energy Solution’s RESU Prime will be offered as the stationary battery for the dcbel partnership, available in two sizes. The RESU16H Prime is the world’s largest-capacity home battery that delivers 16kWh of usable energy and can be scaled up to 32kWh, fully covering the average daily electricity use of a home. The RESU 10H Prime is ideal for a first home battery, offering 9.6kWh to back up critical loads during peak hours and emergencies.

dcbel r16 home energy station automatically leverages the stationary battery to power the entire home, reducing a home’s energy costs and carbon footprint. A single dcbel r16 replaces six different pieces of equipment — cutting costs in half and occupying only a quarter of the wall space when compared with traditional solutions, making it simpler to install.

“For the first time, homebuilders can provide their customers with a tailored set of blackout power options that blend electricity storage with local photovoltaics (PV) generation and EV charging/discharging, all of which can be incorporated into the build at the blueprint stage,” said Dan Fletcher, Head of Ecosystems at dcbel.

dcbel r16 integrates a hybrid solar inverter with a bidirectional EV charger. By bringing alternative sources of energy together and managing them automatically, the r16 provides homeowners with a seamless way to protect themselves from power outages by leveraging clean energy.

“LG Energy Solution is excited to partner with dcbel and support their innovative approach to renewable home energy. With storage playing a significant role in the next generation of residential solar, homebuilders and consumers are searching for new integrated solutions. dcbel’s r16 home energy station brings unparalleled power and flexibility to home energy management, and our cutting-edge RESU batteries are perfectly suited to this application,” said Ryan Simpson, Sales Director of LG Energy Solution ESS Team in North America.